10 Black Kitchen Cabinets Ideas You Should Check Out!

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Light kitchen with black cabinets

If you’re tired of your kitchen feeling and looking too stark, outdated, or boring, you should consider black kitchen cabinets to breathe new life into your favorite space. Check out these inspirations for a fresh, modern, and stylish kitchen that you can enjoy for years to come.

#1 Experiment with Various Black Color Finishes

Do you know that a finish can completely change how a color appears in your home? Different levels of finishes influence the shine and depth of every color. Take note of how flat, matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss change how black colors appear in your house and under different lighting sources.

#2 Complement Natural Wood Patterns

Deep tones like true black and jet black can complement or set off natural wood patterns that you might already have in your traditionally styled kitchen. You can keep any wood fixtures you still have in place when you remodel your kitchen with dark tones like black because they will look amazing next to your new kitchen cabinets.

You might consider natural woods like cherry, mahogany, walnut, or pine. You can also explore various shiplap designs that combine multiple wood pieces.

#3 Mix and Match Traditional and Contemporary Styles

You can combine styles that you love in your kitchen. Instead of sticking to one design, consider blending traditional and contemporary fixtures or appliances to accent black cabinetry. Black is a neutral color that allows it to complement any existing colors in your kitchen space that you aren’t ready to let go of.

#4 Create High Contrasts in Your Kitchen

Black kitchen cabinets and white cabinets

You can enjoy a gorgeous kitchen with strongly contrasting colors like black and white. Consider amplifying the visual impact of black kitchen cabinets with white, red, or yellow tile backsplashes or fixture accents. You might also consider attractive color accents for nearby fixtures like lights and faucets.

You can use any color of the rainbow or go for an all-neutral monochrome kitchen with gray and white tones to lighten the visual weight of dark cabinet colors. These little pops of color will both lighten and liven up your kitchen with unique and exciting accents.

#5 Painting Kitchen Cabinets with Varying Shades of Black

Painting kitchen cabinets with different shades of black can become part of a mix and match style that sets off your kitchen and brings it to a new level of stylishness. You can use a combination of warm and cool tones that slightly alter the shade and tint of black paints.

If you are aiming for a high visual impact with black as your base color, consider painting the flat panel a different tone of black than the cabinet doors around your kitchen. Be sure to explore the paint sample section to discover the full spectrum of available black paints that will best suit your style.

#6 Balance Low Black Cabinets with High Floating Shelves

Lower black cabinets in kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen with black cabinets can get heavy in the visual sense. You can combat the visual weight by updating upper shelving units with floating shelves to lighten the upper areas of your kitchen. This particular style combination will help your kitchen feel light and airy with a dash of the dramatic.

To ramp up the visual interest in your cooking space, you can choose from various natural wood tones, bright paint colors, or even floating glass shelf designs. The possibilities of kitchen remodels are endless!

#7 Rediscover Retro Kitchen Design

Black kitchen cabinets are a delightful addition to retro-styled kitchens. Retro designs can be flashy and eye-catching on their own because they are so whimsical and connect the present with old-fashioned nostalgia, and the style is almost irresistible!

However, by combining your new or existing retro appliances with a tasteful dark-toned kitchen cabinet, you can personalize your kitchen’s style with a luxurious modern twist. You can enjoy the comforts of your favorite modern appliances while keeping a bold connection with more traditional designs.

#8 Complement Black Colors with Antique Hardware

A popular method of off-setting the color black is to combine it with metallic tones like brass, bronze, gold, or pewter. You can easily spruce up dark kitchen cabinets with sparkling, beautifully detailed hardware for that special touch of individual personality in your kitchen.

You can peruse local and online antique cabinet hardware collections or find updated versions of old-fashioned hardware to find the perfect pairing for your kitchen remodeling project. A good rule of thumb is to match your cabinetry hardware to other fixtures around your kitchen for a flawless aesthetic.

#9 Pair Pretty Patterns with Black Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen with several types of black cabinets

Because dark kitchen cabinets can seem dull or gloomy by themselves, you can add light, airy patterns to brighten the space around your kitchen. You can accomplish this goal with beautiful tile or metallic backsplashes, delicately designed floral wallpapers, and other complementary design elements that lighten the area effectively.

Another design option you can use to keep your kitchen warm and inviting includes patterned flooring designs. Thousands of attractive patterned flooring options on the market might match your goals and your remodeling budget, including tile, laminate, stone, and more!

#10 Establish an Elegant Kitchen Aesthetic

You can update your kitchen into an elegant and inviting space by making simple changes like painting kitchen cabinets black and adding splashes of luxurious elements throughout the area. One option includes restyling your kitchen island to match or contrast your new black cabinetry.

Don’t forget that tasteful hardware and fixtures can accentuate dark cabinets and bring a sense of elegance to your cooking and dining spaces. Gold or chrome accents will elevate the area with a strong sense of class and style. Light-toned countertops will also add a touch of luxury and levity.

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