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“The kitchen is the central hub of any home.” This phrase is thrown around every kitchen design website you come across in one form or another. The kitchen is the one room that everyone will visit multiple times a day to get snacks, stare into the refrigerator, or as a place to play, if you’re a child. As you cook, your family members may gather to discuss events of the day. In some kitchens, people utilize the table or the island to get homework done, pay some bills, and more. If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen, especially if you’re planning on selling your home, creating a comfortable flow with this central hub must be considered. Here are five upgrades to consider to increase the value.

1. The Floor Plan: What is the current floor plan of your kitchen? Having the kitchen as a separate room is very common. However, over the years, the open floor plan has become more popular because it has the freedom with more customization in storage, appliances, etc.

2. The Countertops: Updating the countertops can give your kitchen a new lease on life. Depending on their age, the countertops can have nicks, scratch marks, stains, etc. With some materials, this is a common occurrence. It can only be fixed by replacing it. Choose between quartz, granite, laminate, and more. 

5 Kitchen Upgrades That Increase Value 1

3. The Floors: Like the countertops, the age and regular use of the kitchen floors can be damaged over time. Some excellent materials to use are tile or laminate that can handle anything falling on the floor. Another material is a gorgeous hardwood floor, especially for an open floor plan. The hardwood can continue throughout the rooms tying everything together.

5 Kitchen Upgrades That Increase Value 2

4. The Appliances: Upgrading the appliances ensures that each one of them is up-to-date and energy-efficient. Not only will it save you money as you continue to live in the house, but it could be a selling point for potential buyers.

5. The Cabinets: Cabinet storage is essential, but it’s often a struggle for people. Customized storage is in high demand when people are trying to find their dream kitchen. This type of storage could be a thin area to hold various spices, designated areas for pots, an expansive pantry for non-perishable items, and more.

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