6 Top Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

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Modern white kitchen cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets frame the style of your entire kitchen. However, choosing the best paint colors for your kitchen cabinets can be daunting with the wide number of colors to choose from.

To make the decision simple, work with a professional painting company to ensure you get the color you want with the perfect application that will last for years.

Painting your cabinets can be an easy and relatively affordable way to update the look of your kitchen without completely remodeling it. Refresh an older kitchen with custom cabinet painting.

Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinet Color

Looking up inspirational photos of your dream kitchen online provides you with a visual of what the final product could look like. Although bold and bright colors have taken over the home decor world in recent years, traditional cabinet colors like white and gray remain popular.

1. Shades of Gray

Gray kitchen cabinets

Gray is a go-to shade for many homeowners because of its versatility and simplicity. A wash of light gray paint over your cabinets creates a soft and elegant look that complements any countertop. Gray provides a cool neutral tone that plays well with natural colors such as blues, greens, and black.

Choose dark colors like slate-gray and charcoal for a more modern gray color.

2. Tones of White

White kitchen cabinets

White cabinets are trendy and add universal appeal to buyers if you plan to sell your home in the future. While white kitchen cabinets might sound simple enough, homeowners can choose from hundreds of options for white and off-white paint colors.

Your kitchen walls and backsplash color can help you determine if you should use cool-toned or warm-toned white paints.

Warm-toned white paint creates feelings of warmness and comfort, which make an excellent choice for a kitchen. The kitchen becomes the heart of the home, where love becomes materialized in the form of delicious food.

Brass and matte black hardware accompany warm-toned white kitchen cabinets beautifully by creating contrast.

Cool-toned white paint makes an ideal option for homeowners who enjoy a modern and crisp feel to their space. Cool-toned whites pair beautifully with contemporary stainless steel appliances and soft lighting.

If you choose cool-toned paint, consider using silver or matte black hardware to complement the paint colors for kitchen cabinets.

3. Blue Hues

Light blue kitchen cabinets

Blue paint has become popular in bedrooms and bathrooms for its serene and calming effect. Incorporating blue into your kitchen can create a beachy and upscale feel to your cooking space while adding character. Pastel-blue painted cabinets make the perfect feature for a rustic farmhouse feel in your kitchen.

4. Greens

Green kitchen cabinets

We see elegant and chic green hues for kitchen cabinet colors popping up in magazines and homes with more frequency.

The color green creates a natural and tranquil atmosphere that mimics the feel of live plants and greenery. Using green paint colors for kitchen cabinets provides the perfect means for spicing up your all-white or neutral kitchen.

For a more elegant look, lean into the deep forest and emerald green paint colors for kitchen cabinets with white walls for a striking contrast. Brass hardware and natural wood features compliment green cabinets beautifully as they match the natural aesthetic perfectly.

If dark cabinets aren’t for you, opt for pastel sage or lime colors for a more subtle green shade that looks more organic. A light-green color provides flare to your kitchen while staying closer to traditional cabinet colors.

5. Two-Toned Cabinets

Choosing more than one color for your cabinets provides a daring way to add character to your kitchen. This trend seems extremely popular due to its functional yet stylish look.

If this trend interests you, keep the upper cabinets white or light gray and use a fun pop of color for the lower cabinets. On top, a white kitchen cabinet makes the space feel taller as it blends in with the ceiling.

6. Black

Black kitchen cabinets

If you want to be extraordinarily bold but can’t quite pinpoint a color to stick to, consider using matte black paint as your kitchen cabinet color. While black cabinets might sound risky, they can add a bold touch to your kitchen without causing clashing colors. There are plenty of black cabinet ideas to choose from!

Leave the upper cabinets a muted color and only paint the lower cabinets black to keep things light and soft.

The Best Color for Your Kitchen

The most suitable paint colors for kitchen cabinets will depend on the color of your kitchen walls. While walls tend to be more straightforward to repaint than cabinets, they can be a great starting point if you can’t decide on a paint color for kitchen cabinets.

Adding vibrant colors to your cabinets can bring a unique flair to your all-white kitchen. Bold navy blue cabinets complement crisp white walls seamlessly.

On the other hand, neutral cabinet paint colors can allow bold wall colors to pop if you don’t feel as daring. Yellow or green walls will make your warm-toned white cabinets stand out. Consider using matte black hardware with white cabinets for an upscale look and even more contrast.

Benjamin Moore Paint Recommendations

  • Chantilly Lace: For a true-white paint for your cabinet’s color, this color by Benjamin Moore leans neutral and pairs excellently with both cool and warm tones.
  • Water’s Edge: A beautiful mid-toned blue with a touch of green to give you the best of both colors.
  • Black Iron: This rich black provides the depth and boldness your kitchen needs without being too intense.
  • Stone Harbor: This gray plays into the gray-beige trend, becoming more popular for neutral-paint enthusiasts. 
  • Sage Tint: This Benjamin Moore paint color provides an elegant feel that adds personality to your kitchen without being over-the-top.

Perfect Your Kitchen With Professional Custom Cabinet Painting

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