Arguably, the most important room in the house is the kitchen and the core of any good renovation is centered around cabinets, storage, and efficiency.

Maximizing Space

Small living spaces like tiny houses and van living have grown in popularity over the last few years, demanding immaculate efficient design that leaves no space wasted. Just because you don’t live a minimalist lifestyle doesn’t mean your kitchen can’t emulate the same qualities for a clean, efficient space!

The current trend is to eliminate upper cabinets, but that doesn’t mean sacrificing storage. Install floating shelves instead, opening up the room and keeping clean lines. Do you have an unused wall? Install a shallow floor-to-ceiling pantry from Morales Brothers’ custom cabinetry experts to give you all the space you need without sacrificing square footage like traditional cabinets. For even more efficiency measure everything to the inch and install hooks or a pegboard on the pantry doors for hanging mugs and other necessities.

Meanwhile inside your cabinets it’s time for some spring cleaning. Get rid of any gadgets and utensils you haven’t used in a long time and aren’t likely to use again, then shop for shelf risers and dividers. This way your pots, pans, and platters can be stored upright and separate, maximizing cabinet space with no wasted space.

For drawers, look for similar solutions by buying dividers to separate spices, knives, baking tools, silverware, and more. Keep like to like for organizational purposes and think vertically – your knives and cooking spoons don’t only belong in a drawer. With magnetic knife holders, hanging pot storage, and hanging wall space for your favorite spoons and tools, you’ll keep your new custom cabinets uncluttered and with tools you’ll actually use.

kitchen cabinet solution


We all have our favorite stovetop burner, sink side, and counter space when cooking – it’s like an unspoken part of becoming an adult. Remember your habits and favorite spots for prepping and cooking when redesigning your kitchen and cabinets by using the triangle system. This will dictate where and what kind of cabinets will be used in the design process along with a kitchen island, prep area, and specific storage to fit your habits and needs. Not only will this enhance your efficiency when cooking, it’ll help with organization and cleaning. If your favorite space is near a corner, it’s important to use magic corners or special corner solutions that can only be achieved with well made custom cabinetry.  Some homeowners prefer a traditional Lazy Susan in corner cabinets, but swing out cabinet systems are much more efficient and modern and keep your home looking more modern chic than granny’s old kitchen.