Modern Kitchen Island Remodel Ideas You Should Definitely Copy

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Kitchen with island that has chairs and book case

Kitchen islands are often the focal point of kitchen designs—especially in open-plan spaces. They add stylish depth to the kitchen and elevate the overall aesthetic appeal. However, they are also practical.

A well-designed kitchen island will give you space to store essential kitchenware, putting everything within your reach.

Thinking about a kitchen island remodel? There are nearly endless options to choose from. This article will provide the best inspirational ideas for your next home improvement project.

Extended Countertop Material

Islands are functional additions to any kitchen. However, they can also add character to the overall kitchen design. One way to drive this effect is to use the same countertop material around the sides of the island.

Granite or quartz works best for this design approach, but other countertop materials can also work, depending on your personal preference.

Leave one side of the island open if you want to add seating and incorporate an entertainment area in your kitchen.

Mixed Island Storage with Kitchen Cabinets

 This island design idea can give you additional options if you need more storage space in your kitchen. This design idea builds a mixture of drawers and kitchen cabinets into the island while leaving room for seating.

Be sure to use practical dimensions that will allow you to store a variety of kitchenware. Why choose a cabinet design if it can’t accommodate anything?

Paint the cabinets and drawers in a color that matches the countertop for a sleek, uniform appearance.

Irregular Island Design

The average kitchen island features a rectangular design. What better way to spice things up than to choose an irregularly shaped kitchen island? A slightly curved kitchen island design is a good starting point, but you can choose a helical, triangular, or circular design.

You can also go with a combination of shapes. However, be sure to maintain functionality first and foremost.

The All-White Design

White countertop with wood cabinets on island

Do you want a minimalist kitchen island design? This all-white approach blends in nicely with the wider theme in the space. A white marble countertop blends in beautifully with a wooden finish of cabinets and drawers.

Matching the stool and floor color and material delivers the perfect contrast while giving you a spot to enjoy breakfast with your family.

The Exquisite Black and White

This design idea gives you a functional, stylish, and high-end look. It has everything you need, from magnificent brass faucets to open shelving to keep your cookbook handy. You should consider going with a matte black finish for even more detail.

Contemporary and Farmhouse Mix

Who says a farmhouse kitchen can’t look chic and modern? This kitchen island remodel idea adds a layer of modern touches to an older kitchen. A splash of paint, extra windows, and decluttered floor space can deliver a fresh look with an interesting visual twist.

Color Island Design

Neutral is often the preferred color theme for most kitchens, but what if you still want a touch of color? Then, the color island is the perfect design idea for you. Paint the island in a bright contrasting color to the wider neutral theme for a budget-friendly remodel to make your kitchen island a true focal point.

Tile Embellishment Design

We know there are several ways to make your kitchen island stand out using color. However, this design idea ditches colors for accent tiles.

Use the tiles on one side of the island to add a new layer of visual appeal to your kitchen. It’s important to use detail-rich tile designs for the perfect results.

Mixed Multifunctional Island to Support Your Butcher Block

Many people prefer marble worktops on a kitchen island. However, the material isn’t always the most practical. Since marble is porous, such worktops are prone to staining over time. In addition, knives can leave a lot of scratches on the surface.

A marble top kitchen island designed to accommodate a wooden butcher block solves the functionality problem of standard marble top islands. You can raise the block above the worktop to keep everything adequately contained.

Kitchen Island and Dining Table Combination

Most standard kitchen island designs have space for two or three chairs, but adding a full dining set can make the space feel warmer. Your friends and family can join you in the kitchen, making mealtimes more entertaining. Kitchen islands with dining options are growing more popular, and there’s no limit to the styles you can choose from for an unmatched aesthetic.

Moveable Island for Small Spaces

We all love large and spacious kitchens. However, if you don’t currently have one, you can still design an interesting island you’ll love.

A portable wooden island will give you a chic work surface with space for seating. Additionally, you can move it around the kitchen as you deem fit.

A standard island design will require plumbing and electrical work, which you likely don’t have space for. A movable, freestanding island is less restrictive. Consider a portable island design with stowing space to put the unit to good use.

The Bar Top Look

Kitchen island remodel ideas include this wood bar top island

The wooden accents, high counter space, and stools combination can give you a bold, cozy, and daring kitchen island you’re sure to love. Combining light wood with a dark theme will immediately elevate the aesthetic appeal of any kitchen.

Let’s Give Your Kitchen a Facelift with the Perfect Island

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