The Best Kitchen Remodel Ideas To Renovate Your Cooking Space

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Newly remodeled open concept kitchen

Your kitchen represents a unique space that can benefit from innovative kitchen remodel ideas. Having a great kitchen design is crucial for guests or potential homeowners.

Your kitchen becomes a room people will often see first and a space to gather with friends and family members. So whether you want to upgrade your current kitchen island or completely remodel your entire kitchen, some innovative features can help.

These features can boost your home’s resale value, create a more welcoming and warm environment, and make cooking a breeze.

10 Great Kitchen Features To Add Today

Your kitchen serves multiple purposes. Whether you wish to renovate an old home, install a new kitchen island, or add some additional flair to your cooking space, let’s review ten essential features you can add today.

1. Upgrade Your Storage Space

Even the most organized homeowner is bound to suffer from a cluttered space now and again. For example, kitchens can often become cluttered from numerous pots and pans, spices, food items, cooking appliances, etc. To fix this issue, you can implement new storage spaces.

While you can incorporate new kitchen cabinets, you can find many other ways to make storage space. Some of these kitchen remodel ideas include:

  • Hanging open shelving
  • Pantry rooms
  • Rotating spice racks
  • A coffee station for all your coffee and tea essentials
  • Kitchen islands

You can also consider putting some items away into storage. For example, if you only use certain plates, silverware, or appliances on special occasions, stash them in your closet to declutter your cooking space.

2. Create More Space With a Kitchen Island

Incorporating a kitchen island offers both functionality and visual appeal. With a kitchen island, you can have immediate space available for cookware and a place for guests to sit. Combined with cabinets or open shelving, your kitchen island can become a crucial tool.

Additionally, a kitchen island can make your cooking space appear more prominent. For example, some homeowners like to have their kitchen island as part of their dining room. Doing so creates a more visually open space and can be a great way to interact with guests.

3. Reduce the Mess With a Kitchen Tile Backsplash

Kitchen remodel ideas include subway tile backsplashes

Whether out of passion or necessity, you’ll need to do a lot of cooking. Unfortunately, kitchen backsplashes often feel the brunt of cooking. While you may not completely eliminate grime caused by cooking, continue reading to learn how to reduce all that nasty grime turning your kitchen into a mess.

You can install either a permanent or temporary tile backsplash that can help prevent damages to your:

  • Countertops
  • Cabinets
  • Walls and more

Paired with wax or laminated walls, you can further reduce moisture and grime. Some kitchen owners even like to get more creative and use subway tiles. Subway tile is named after the tiles found in New York City’s subway system.

4. Let There Be Light

Not having enough light in a home can lower a person’s mood and make a room feel uninviting. However, having lamps scattered around takes up too much space and can also feel dull. As such, many homeowners choose to hang pendant lights.

Pendant lights hang from the ceiling and come in various designs. You can choose sleek, modern designs or more vintage designs that often resemble chandeliers. However, pendant lights have benefits beyond mere aesthetics:

  • They aren’t harmful to your ceiling and are easy to implement
  • A wide bevy of customization choices are available
  • Energy-efficient, with many coming with LED lights
  • Are very affordable

5. Upgrade Those Outdated Cabinets

Most kitchen cabinets are wooden, and over time they get worn down. While you can completely replace your cabinets with some paint and DIY abilities, you can transform your cabinets to look new.

For example, you can go for a more neutral look or something brighter to make your cooking space pop.

6. Install New Appliances

Appliances like dishwashers, fridges, and ovens are known for durability, but sometimes they become defective. Additionally, newer appliances often offer more energy efficiency and have smart technology to make your life easier.

7. Transform Your Walls and Flooring

While many homeowners might overlook their walls and floors for other essential parts of the kitchen, they’re still important. It might be time to repaint your walls or add new tiling to your floors. Again, consider using material that’s both sustainable and eye-catching.

8. Add a Farmhouse Sink

Kitchen with farmhouse sink

A kitchen with a farmhouse sink will instantly boost your home’s resale value. Farmhouse sinks add a unique look, but they also offer plenty of utility. For example, if you find yourself doing a lot of meal-prepping, a farmhouse sink will add plenty of space.

Whether for cutting all your vegetables or having a place to put those dirty dishes, a farmhouse sink can deliver wonders.

9. Incorporate a Work Space

If cooking is your passion and you have the room, consider adding a workspace. Along with a kitchen island for your guests, you can have a tinier kitchen island for crafting new delicious dishes. This will also allow for more space to store items too.

10. Don’t Be Afraid To Add Personal Touches

Homeowners typically reserve their statement pieces, family photographs, unique artworks, etc., for the bedroom or living room. However, there’s nothing wrong with sprucing up your kitchen with some personal touches.

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