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Off the top of your head, do you know the difference between a transitional bathroom versus a contemporary bathroom? There are several styles and designs out there that can really bring out the beauty you’re trying to achieve. Transitional and contemporary designs are two of the most common you’ll see when you’re scouring magazines, blog articles, and Pinterest. Unless it’s obviously modern or obviously rustic it’s hard to see at a glance what the difference is. That’s why in this blog we wanted to break down exactly what you’re looking for between the two.

Transitional Bathroom

Transitional can mean several different things. When it comes to room design it generally means a combination of a traditional and contemporary style. It could be a minimalist approach with a comfortable feel, clean lines that makes the space inviting, and more. Some benefits of having this style would be:

  • Flexibility: You have more options to choose from for this style. You have the freedom to pick traditional or contemporary for virtually any part of the room.
  • It’s Familiar But New: The bathroom can be timeless making decorating in the future much easier. On the flip side, you’re able to stay up to date with newer trends because of that modern contemporary feel.
  • Comfortable & Convenient: Transitional designs focus more on comfortable luxury and they can accommodate any age including adults at a later stage in life.
Transitional vs Contemporary Bathrooms in 2020 1

Contemporary Bathroom

If you love staying up to date with the latest trends contemporary designs are the perfect solution! It focuses on modern ideas, sharp angles, crisp lines, and plastic fixtures. It’s meant to grant your attention as a whole or individually. Here’s are a few benefits of a contemporary bathroom:

  • Smart Spaces: This style is meant to make the room feel open, which is perfect if you have a smaller bathroom to work with.
  • Versatility: Our tastes for design and style change regularly which is why trends are so common. A contemporary design makes it easier to stay up to speed with those trends and redecorate as needed.
  • A Blank Canvas: Minimalistic and clean is the main theme of most contemporary designs. This means that essentially you have a blank canvas to work with. You have the freedom to add color pictures, tapestries, rugs, or any other accessory. Arguably, decorating is a lot easier with a contemporary design.
Transitional vs Contemporary Bathrooms in 2020 2