About Us


At Morales Brothers, family is at the heart of all we do. The essential foundation and principles of our business and work ethic is tied to our strong belief in the value and purpose of family.  Growing up, our parents taught the values of honesty, integrity, keeping our word, and doing things right the first time. When we weren’t in school, we were tending to chores around our home. We grew up with the mentality of “if we don’t do it, no one will do it for us” and our parents worked hard to instill that in us! Both of our parents worked, so we were tasked with household chores and yard work. Little did we know at the time, this would be our first exposure to the functionality and essential uses for kitchens and bathrooms. Back then, we learned our way around a kitchen and bathroom and that experience inspired us to find solutions to common household struggles and needs.

During our childhood, we witnessed our mother launch her own house cleaning business. We saw her going above and beyond to be successful.  She even recruited us to help and put us to work passing out flyers door-to-door in Pecan Grove. An essential lesson our mother taught was to not give up when times get hard. We credit much of our success to our mother’s work ethic, her entrepreneurial drive, and her ability to motivate us to take responsibility for our livelihoods. As we grew into adolescents, we often worked with our dad in residential construction, particularly during our summer breaks. This is where the passion for construction was born. From studying blueprints to erecting walls, I was hooked and realized a passion and love for design and beautiful construction. I always knew that I would be a part of this industry, whether as an architect or a builder.

My journey started on the path of architecture. In 1998, I worked as a draftsman for two and half years, but soon realized that I did not like sitting behind a desk all the time. After much consideration and prayer, a seed was planted and the desire to start a residential construction business was constantly in my thoughts. I continued to pray through this, asking God for guidance and courage – as I was most scared of letting my family down. Trusting in faith, I found the confirmation needed to jump into the construction industry full time and full force. Nervous and scared, I then did what everyone else with brothers would do… I called my brother Vincent and asked him to join me as a partner. He was ready and we began our journey as Morales Brothers Construction Services. Fundamentally, Vincent has a competitive nature and strives to be the best at what he does. His determination and never quiet attitude helped us focus on quality and not just “finishing a project”, but rather exceeding the client’s expectations. Vincent currently serves as our Production Manager and I lead Sales and Design.

We started with a wide scope, doing everything our clients asked of us – interior, exterior, and everything in between. In 2001, Tropical Storm Allison blew into our area and we were given a unique opportunity to help restore flooded homes in Jersey Village.  Alongside a Christian man named Steve Highsmith, with Highsmith Construction, he challenged us beyond our comfort zone to tackle millwork and cabinetry building.  I was upfront with Steve and admitted that cabinetry wasn’t an area we had experience with.  Steve must have seen something in us that we didn’t see in ourselves.  He challenged and directly mentored us in the areas of millwork and custom cabinetry. Because of Steve’s leadership and confidence in us, we began the journey to creating custom cabinets. His cabinet builder Perry Born played a big part in our early success as well. Just a little after finishing up in Jersey Village my brother Vincent and I helped Perry on a few projects, which helped us gain the experience we needed. We felt like we learned enough to get started in building our own cabinets. We even got brave and accepted our first bathroom job building our first vanity and absolutely nailed it! We later did our first full kitchen, and you could say the rest is history. As the years passed, we found the most rewarding work in kitchen and bathroom remodeling and custom cabinets – we found our niche.

Over the last two decades, we have proudly served the Fort Bend County area.  Our amazing team has grown to now include a full-time office staff, field employees, and top talented tradespersons. We were also fortunate to have our two younger brothers, Pete and Paul, join the team. Pete is a master carpenter and currently serves as a hands-on Project Leader. Paul is an Estimator Project Manager where he supports both sales and production. Our focus on family has paved the way for the next generation of Morales’ joining the business to follow in our footsteps.  We are truly a family-owned business!  The bond and trust of family, centered around faith, continues to be our guiding principles and are foundational to our success.

Faith is one of the most important values to me and my family; it encourages me to serve people, through my church and at work. Faith gives me the wisdom and compass I need to be a good man, husband, father, and honest business leader. I truly believe this is my calling and purpose. Our team is blessed to have the opportunity and privilege to serve our clients. Our commitment to excellence reflects in the quality of our work and our focus on the customer guides us through every project.  We are here for you and will walk alongside you every step of the way. When we take on your project, we aim at exceeding your expectations every time.  We promise the highest quality of service and a customer experience you’ll want to share with friends and family.