Bathroom Remodeling

The bathroom is one of the most popular areas of the home that when remodeled can add great value to the home. A remodel of the bathroom not only adds financial value to the home but also functionality that improves the lives of the homeowners. Bathrooms are the safe haven of the home, where homeowners can prepare for the day or retreat to at the end of the hectic day. Are you looking to have more space to prepare for the day or improve the ease of your morning routine. Are you looking to completely change the design and layout of your bathroom to create a spa worthy shower or tub – or both? Updating minor things like fixtures can give the bathroom a facelift without changing the configuration of the room. When living a fast paced life, it demands and pulls at you; it can leave you exhausted and empty; what you desire and need is time to rest and be restored. Your bathroom can provide you a place of refuge and a bathroom remodel will renew the life of your home and create an inspiring room to be refreshed and relaxed in.

There are several ways that Morales Brothers can help you achieve your dreams and meet your needs. Depending on your budget you can do a minor update or a comprehensive remodel of your bathroom. With time, styles change, and your bathroom décor will become outdated. Your home, like your clothing, is a reflection of your personality and needs. Additionally, your lives change and so do your needs. As your family grows, so do your needs. What used to be a perfectly functional bathroom for toddlers, is no longer a good fit for teenagers. When the bathroom configuration no longer meets your needs, it’s time to call Morales Brothers.



A minor bathroom remodel is the simplest and most budget friendly way to give your bathroom a facelift. A minor remodel can involve updating the surfaces, such as wall paint colors to create a new theme or mood, plumbing, and light fixtures in order to create new ambiance in the space. The minor bathroom remodel may include new cabinet hardware and painting the vanities as well as updating the shower, tub, vanity, and countertops. This is the easiest way to update the look of your bathroom without too much hassle.



When the bathroom is outdated, unappealing, needing repair, or is no longer serving the homeowner’s needs, it might be time for a midrange remodel. A midrange remodel can replace the flooring, countertops, vanity, plumbing, light fixtures, hardware, and bathing areas. Additionally, we can replace and install updated mirrors, lighting, tiles, shower, and tub. If floor plans are changed, a building permit is typically required, but we take care of that for you.


Major (Upscale)

In a major bathroom remodel, the homeowner can create the peaceful retreat of their dreams. The space can be reconfigured and moved around to best meet the needs of the homeowner. Tired of only having a shower, let us help you create the most luxurious shower with all the bells and whistles. A major bathroom remodel is the most involved and expensive remodel due to the extensive amount of work. Everything can be replaced with luxury features, and we can enlarge the space, and add reconfigurations to the piping and wiring. Building permits are required if a floor plan change is needed.

Popular Features:

Now is the time to start dreaming. What would you want in your bathroom oasis? Some of the most popular features our clients enjoy add improved functionality and focus on relaxation. A walk-in shower is very functional and visually appealing. A curb less shower aids a person with limited physical abilities the opportunity to safely access the shower. If you want a spa-like ambience, a free-standing tub adds elegance and a space to fully relax in at the end of a long day. If you want sleek, clean lines, then a frameless shower is more your style – it keeps the space open and aesthetically calm. Want more capacity and functionality, then you may want to add a vanity with double sinks. Custom cabinets offer creative ways to add functionality and beauty to your bathroom. The cabinets can be built to fit your needs in order to optimize the use of your bathroom space. We can make cabinets to help organize your bathroom essentials, drawers with outlets, and various compartments to store your grooming tools and hygiene supplies. When remodeling your bathroom, you can make a list of all your needs and wants to ensure that during the design phase, you plan for those needs to be added into the design of your new bathroom. Our design team will help you find creative solutions to meet all your needs.



The closet is one of the most underrated spaces in the home and is often overlooked when first purchasing the home. Do you find yourself struggling to get ready in the morning – maybe a closet overhaul is needed. With a closet designed by Morales Brothers, you can have custom cabinets, larger shelves, and functional compartments that can help you find things easier and meet all of your storage needs. No more struggling with less than ideal clothing storage or stumbling over clunky boxes or shoe bins, with a closet makeover you will get all you need and more. Need more room for that expansive sneaker or shoe collection – let Morales Brothers find a solution to your shoe dilemma. A floor is no place for your clothes or accessories, but with custom pull out tie and belt racks, or pull-out hampers, every accessory has a designated place. There is no need to be stuck with that boring, basic, closet; with Morales Brothers you can get a custom closet that fits all your needs and is as unique as you are. You will be able to find all your belongings quickly and easily, and your morning routine will be smoother and a little bit easier with a new closet by Morales Brothers.