At Morales Brothers, we believe in helping and investing into our community. We firmly believe in the importance of our communities and understand that when partnering with organizations we help to strengthen our community. We partner with several amazing organizations that love and build people up. We grew up in this community so we know how hard it can be for struggling families. We also know the importance of a hand up versus a handout so, we actively collaborate with organizations that focus on helping individuals and families break generational poverty.

The Core3626

The CORE Ministries is a faith-based nonprofit organization in Rosenberg, TX that focuses on helping young women rise above their trauma and adversity to heal and become self-sufficient. We love the heart of CORE Ministries because of their mentor model. They incorporate a community of like minded people who can walk alongside them through their restoration and redemption. At the Core, they carefully screen and select candidates who are seeking to improve their situation and who are eager to change their story. The CORE Ministry is led by a dear friend – Crystal Gonzalez whom I have personally known since she was a child. I have personally seen her own transformation by the power of positive role models and now live out that mission to reach others and help them meet their goals. We have witnessed the difference it can make to have the right relationships in your life to transform you. We love that Crystal is passionate about helping women change their lives. We invite you to visit her website to learn more about the organization and how you can help change lives.

Hope For Three

Hope For Three is a nonprofit organization in Fort Bend County that is passionate about creating awareness about autism and providing support to families living with autism. This organization is near and dear to our hearts, as we have two atypical children, one of which has been diagnosed with autism. As parents of an autistic child, we personally have experienced the challenges to seek a diagnosis, not to mention how daunting the experience can be to find answers and resources. Unfortunately, we are not the first nor the last parents to face this struggle. For many parents of children with autism resources and providers for autism are hard to come by and the costs associated with services and resources of autism are astounding, as most are not covered by insurance companies. We are grateful for Hope For Three’s mission in creating awareness, advocacy and support for families. They host many events to create awareness in the community as well as sensory safe events for children with autism and those on the autism spectrum. Additionally, they provide training to the community on how to support persons with autism as well as training to empower and educate parents. Another way Hope For Three supports the autism community is by providing financial support to families who struggle to pay for services needed for their children. We love partnering with Hope For Three and always look forward to their events. Please visit their website to learn more about autism and how you can help support this amazing organization.

Nery’s Promise

Nery’s Promise is a faith based nonprofit organization born out of a desperate prayer and promise by its founder, Nery Salazar. Nery knows what it is to come up from a desperate living situation. When she gave her life to Christ and was saved, she made a simple promise to help those less fortunate. This promise is now being fulfilled in various ways through Nery’s Promise. Nery’s Promise provides supportive assistance and Christian ministry to the families living in a low-income community in Richmond. Nery views her purpose as being the hands and feet of Jesus, aiding her community in meaningful ways to feed not only the body but also the soul. Through bible studies, ESL classes, and meals, Nery’s Promise reaches so many people in the community and provides a friend in Christ for families in need. Nery’s team of unpaid volunteers, assist the community by providing transportation to doctor’s appointments, church, and other necessary appointments. Additionally, they provide hot meals five times a week to children and their families. Nery’s Promise is a nonprofit that we love to support because they share our heart for people in loving and helping the “least of these,” which is God’s command to us. We partner with Nery’s Promise to share in helping others through her mission. Please visit Nery’s Promise website for more information on how to give or volunteer.

Fort Bend PAWS

Fort Bend Pets Are Worth Saving (PAWS) is a non-profit organization that raises funds to support the Fort Bend County Animal Services. They provide financial assistance to cover expenses not covered by the County’s budget. They include specialty veterinary services, Spay and Neuter assistance, shelter animal enrichment, emergency response, transportation to assist in re-homing animals as well as other non-covered expenses. Additionally, another mission of this great organization is to transfer animals from Texas to other states that are experiencing a shortage of pets to avoid euthanizing animals. This initiative was created in 2018 and helps look after the needs of the community’s furry friends. We proudly support this initiative because we all know that pets are far more than just companions – they are family.

We know that lives can be changed in many ways. The organizations we partner with that directly impact an individual’s needs to be seen, heard, loved, nourished, educated, advocated, and protected. At Morales Brothers we value giving, generosity, and we want to make a positive impact in our communities. As a company situated in Fort Bend County, we care and contribute to make our communities stronger by collaborating with organizations that can help people lead more fulfilled lives with dignity. These organizations make a difference across Fort Bend County, so we encourage you to further research them and support, in any way you can, these wonderful groups.