Custom Cabinetry

Your home is the sanctuary where daily life revolves and as the homeowner, you know what’s needed most to improve the function and flow of things. Working with Morales Brothers, we can help you design custom cabinets to meet all of your specifications and needs. Cabinets not only add an elegant touch to the home, but they also provide answers to all of your storage accessibility and functionality needs.

Cabinets can be useful in various parts of the home. Starting from the main entrance and throughout other rooms in the home, cabinets can add depth, dimension, and function to improve different aspects of your life. Imagine coming home and having a dedicated place by the front door or a mudroom to store your bags, equipment, and shoes so everything has its place.



Your laundry room can also benefit from custom cabinets. The extra space to store laundry supplies, cleaning equipment and other miscellaneous items will make life easier and keep you organized. How about a custom setup for your family’s four-legged friend? With a custom litter cabinet that maintains a seamless look with the rest of the room, this option provides a private place for your kitty. Need a safe space for your pooch, we can create a custom kennel that incorporates into your home’s design. The laundry room tends to be a room of necessity due to its function, but custom cabinets can make it a room of luxury as it fulfills the functions of cleanliness.



The living room, as the name implies, is where most of the family time is lived and spent. With custom cabinetry, you can create a room you truly love and live in. In the living room, we can create a unique entertainment center to meet the needs of your family. From floating shelves that cradle your mementos and memories, to custom bookshelves, or a beautiful mantlepiece at the center of the room, let Morales Brothers create the beautiful space you’ll make memories in for years to come.



During the pandemic, many homeowners found themselves working from home. Perhaps you, along with them, discovered that your home office was not a suitable work environment. Perhaps your home office is distracting due to clutter, then a custom solution may be the answer. Custom cabinetry can help create storage solutions to meet your work needs and fit your personality and work style. Having a functional working space will support your work and organization habits as well as motivate you to do what you do best. A wall of bookshelves to hold your favorite books and display personal mementos, a beautiful and aesthetic cabinet to hide a printer or file cabinet, the Morales Brothers can make your home office a retreat that promotes focus and workflow.


Custom cabinetry is the way to level up your kitchen. Not to mention, design creative solutions to your storage needs. We can design the ideal configuration to accommodate all your bakeware and kitchen tools. Love wine and need a solution to expand your wine collection, there is a cabinet for that. For the adventurous cook with a collection of spices from around the world, Morales Brothers can create a cabinetry solution as unique as your collection. Custom cabinetry in the kitchen can hold your cookbooks and décor in both creative and stylish ways. The kitchen is the heart of the home, let Morales Brothers put the finishing touches on your kitchen.



The bathroom should be a retreat from the busyness of life, a place to slow down, relax, and prepare for the day. Morales Brothers can help you rearrange the vanities and drawers and develop smart and creative ways to add functionality to your bathroom. With custom cabinets you can create storage solutions to all your unique needs. Our custom cabinets can organize your bathroom essentials, add drawers with outlets and compartments, and provide solutions to store your grooming tools and hygiene supplies.



With Morales Brothers custom cabinetry will help create unique closet solutions to all your needs. Struggling to find your belongings in the morning; with a closet designed by Morales Brothers, you can have custom cabinets, larger shelves, and functional compartments that can help you find things easier and meet all of your storage needs. Need more room for that expansive sneaker or shoe collection – let Morales Brothers find a custom cabinet solution to your shoe dilemma. A floor is no place for clothes or accessories, but with custom pull out tie and belt racks, or pull-out hampers, every accessory has a designated place. Mornings are hard enough as it is, let Morales Brothers help you make mornings run smoother with custom cabinetry in your closet.



The finishing touches can make all the difference and the options are endless. Your paint and stain options can really showcase the room. We can apply high-end finishes and install functional hardware to increase the level of customization you want to make the room uniquely yours. With custom cabinetry by Morales Brothers you can make your dream into a reality, so let’s get started today!

What makes Morales Brothers cabinetry different?

At Morales Brothers, we pride ourselves on excellence in our craftsmanship and with our cabinets you can expect the finest and highest quality carpentry. Our cabinets are hand-made locally in our shop by well-trained cabinetmakers using techniques and methods we have perfected over the years. We have cultivated a culture of quality craftsmanship by mentoring and training, as well as ensuring continuous quality control throughout the build process. Our cabinets are finished with furniture grade paint to provide a durable, smooth, and aesthetic finish. Our ability to offer various levels of customization and masterful craftsmanship, gives you the flexibility and confidence to express yourself in the design. With custom cabinets from Morales Brothers, your remodel will be as unique as you and will help to create a home you truly love.