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Home Remodeling Richmond Texas | It Is As Easy As 5 Steps


Home Remodeling Richmond Texas Has five steps towards a home that you will truly love with this company. if you were looking for a kitchen, full home, or bathroom remodel, we will make sure that it brings a big change to your home that you need. we can work together to build the project exactly that you want. if it’s a major or minor detail then you can call us when you are ready to get started because we are so excited to work with you. we have five steps that are created specifically to make things easier for you. it can help to explain our entire process to offer the most unique experience for each individual client and here at this company will value and respect your time so let’s take this journey together and we can be connected every single step of the way with this process.

Step One at Home Remodeling Richmond Texas is the initial call that generally helps to get as a starting point for your project so we will take things like ideas and goals for what you want. then we will discuss this project more in detail so we can get your needs as precise as possible and we can provide you with a ballpark estimate so by the end of this call if we feel that this is going to be good for us then we can schedule a $300 consultation that we take to your house and this fee will be credited straight to the project. sub two requires our in-home consultation. during this process we will go into more details to discuss the logistics of this project. we will give you a project timeline and give you a list of materials with a choice of color and layout that you want to have. we can also get a bigger scope on the work which will give us a better determining factor for costs and timelines that you can expect as your project begins. once this agreement is meant then you can sign our project development agreement and give us 4% of your total estimated project cost.

Step three of the remodeling process at Home Remodeling Richmond Texas is designing. before we start any construction, we have to have a very clear vision for your project so we develop things like 3D renderings to show exactly what it will look like at the end and from here you can make changes to the designs and ask any questions that you might have to ensure that you are full Lee in control of your project. then we will develop another construction agreement that gives us the green light to start your project. except for is the building phase which begins a week before your project starts. we will have a meeting in order to introduce everyone and make sure that everything is on track. then we will make sure that every area that isn’t under construction is sealed and protected to keep the disruptions at a minimum. after everything is built then we be in step 5 which is the final walk-through. once your project is completely finished we want you to walk through it completely to make sure that it Satisfies you and we will make any changes that are necessary to keep you as a customer happy with our work.

if you want an easygoing process through a remodeling project then you want to work with this company. are you looking for someone that will take care of you while taking all of your opinions into consideration during the process? you need to work with Morales Brothers Construction Company if that is the case. you can visit our website right now at if you want to go more into detail about this five-step process or you can give us a phone call at 281-232-0622 and we can help to make sure that you get exactly what you want today. We are very excited to work with you and cannot wait to begin your project.

Home Remodeling Richmond Texas | We Do Cabinets

Are you looking for Home Remodeling Richmond Texas that also can help you to design your brand new cabinets? Morales Brothers Construction Company is the company for you if this is the case. Here we believe that your home is your sanctuary And we want to help you improve the function of flow of things so we can help you to design any custom Cabinet to me all of your specifications and needs. they can add An Elegant Touch to the home but also provide answers all of your storage accessibility needs.

Home Remodeling Richmond Texas custom Cabinetry can be using many different places in your house starting from the main entrance all the way through to the garage. they can add so much depth and dimension and functionality to improve all aspects of your life. if you could come home from work every day and have a dedicated place by the front door or a mud room to store your outdoor stuff, you would be set for life.

Home Remodeling Richmond Texas can also help your laundry room to benefit from our custom cabinets. We can provide lots of extra space for you to put all of your cleaning equipment and laundry supplies and other items to help keep you organized in life. we can also create custom litter cabinets or dog crates to give a seamless look to the rest of the room while providing a private place for your pet.

If you’re interested in giving your cabinets a revamp then you need to head over to Morales Brothers Construction Company because we have the cabinets for you. you can take a look at all of our designs and examples on our website at Or if you would like to give us a call we can help you out with any of your questions or comments that you might have about our company so just dial this number 281-232-0622 and we can help get you started today.