Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is more than a place for cooking and preparing meals, it is often the command center of family activities. The kitchen is a place for connection, not chaos; a place of joy and creativity. If your kitchen is not inspiring you to enjoy a meal and connect with family, it may be time for a remodel. We all eat approximately three meals a day, and we all have to walk by the kitchen one way or another to get to the bathroom, the garage, the bedroom, and more, so the kitchen is one of the most prominent and most versatile rooms in the house. When guests are over, the kitchen is usually one of the first things they see because many houses are open-concept. The kitchen is the heart and soul of the home. There are so many ways to improve the function of your kitchen, let us help you redesign and create a more functional and beautiful kitchen, thereby making it center stage for your family.

There are many ways to enhance or completely recreate your kitchen. Just as life changes take place in our families, so do the needs change. A kitchen remodel is more than just “fixing up” what’s wrong – it’s about creating a more livable and functional space to create not just meals, but also memories. At Morales Brothers we walk our clients through every aspect of their remodel – from helping them identify their needs, concept design and finally constructing their dream kitchen. 



Sometimes all you need is a minor kitchen remodel to adjust the existing surfaces to reflect a newer and refreshed look. A minor kitchen remodel is the simplest and most budget friendly way to give your kitchen a facelift. A minor remodel often involves updating kitchen surfaces and paint colors to create a new theme or mood for your kitchen. We can change plumbing and lighting fixtures to create a new ambiance in this space. The minor kitchen remodel can also include a new backsplash, cabinet hardware, or new appliances.



As families, you experience growth and your needs change, or if you’ve lived in a home long enough, it experiences the natural wear and tear of a home well lived in. When a kitchen becomes outdated, unappealing, or no longer serves the homeowner’s needs, it may be time for a midrange remodel. A midrange remodel can replace flooring, countertops, and cabinets as well as plumbing, lighting fixtures, backsplash, countertops, hardware, and appliances. This is when remodeling gets a little more interesting – a homeowner can now customize their cabinets for maximum functionality.


Major (Upscale)

Now we’re talking… a major kitchen remodel. We’re knocking down walls and tearing things down. Have you held on to a dream in your mind of how your “perfect” kitchen would be? Do you have a Pinterest board of ideas that you have been pining after? Now is time to bring them to the drawing and dreaming board. In a major remodel your ideas and budget are the limit. This is a major overhaul where the kitchen of your dreams becomes a reality. Hold on to your pots and pans, this is the most involved and expensive kitchen remodel due to the extensive amount of work. These are also some of the most creative and enjoyable jobs to be a part of. Usually building permits are required if floor plan changes take place. This is where we can redesign your kitchen, replace everything, enlarge the space, implement new cooking configurations and rearrangement of pipes and wires. A major remodel is the most extensive and time consuming of remodels, but also the most rewarding.

No matter which type of remodel you choose, you will love your kitchen and enjoy the space for years to come. At Morales Brothers, we remove the guesswork and anxiety in the remodeling process by offering our expertise and commitment to you, our client. The Morales Brothers will help you design the kitchen of your dreams. From start to finish, we will take the remodeling journey together until the job is complete.

Popular Features

Kitchen remodel features vary, depending on the needs of the homeowner. Some of the most popular features many of our clients enjoy aim to improve ergonomics and functionality of the kitchen.
Kitchen islands are a great choice if the kitchen is a central gathering place of the home. Whether being used for cooking preparation or homework, a kitchen island can accommodate your ever-changing needs. An island can also be a great focal point during social events. There are many versatile ways an island can add value and purpose to your kitchen.

Have a lot of bakeware and kitchen tools? There is a cabinet customization for that. Need a wine rack? There is a cabinet for that. Tired of slamming cabinet doors? There are soft closing doors and drawers that can be installed. The options are endless to create the kitchen that you need and deserve. These features made great additions to a kitchen remodel project!

A Butler’s Pantry is a creative and beautiful solution to tucking away countertop appliances to create a more open and clean space as well as an attractive storage space.

The most popular surfaces are Quartz and Granite. They are durable, easy to clean and maintain, and not to mention beautiful to look at.

Lighting adds to the ambiance in your new kitchen and pendant and recessed lighting help to set the right mood. Need more light? Try under cabinet lighting. This not only adds to the ambiance but also serves as task lighting to help you to better read recipes and prepare your meals. The right lighting can take your kitchen from average to wow.

Top off your remodel with high-end appliances. A new appliance package not only adds to the elegance of the kitchen but serves as an inspiration to turn cooking into a work of art.
Whatever the scope of the job, Morales Brothers has the experience and craftsmanship to make your dream kitchen a reality.